MAX Madness

Listen and check our social media 3/17-23 for a chance to get one of the final 16 teams. The MAX Madness Selection Show is Thursday the 24th at 10:30am and will be live on Facebook.
The farther your team goes, the better the prize. If your team wins it all, you get $300 cash!!
Here’s the prize breakdown…
Final 16 losers: $25 Dick’s Sporting Goods
Final 8 losers: $75 Root’s Burger Bar
Last 4 losers: $125 Top Golf
Championship loser: $200 Top Golf
Mike Amos: Purdue ($25 Dick’s)
Mike Beal: Villanova
Ralph Duffett: Miami ($75 Root’s Burger Bar)
Marti Hitchens: UNC
Craig Imel: Providence ($25 Dick’s)
Danny King: Michigan ($25 Dick’s)
Susan Knotts: Kansas
Jared Lochtefeld: Arizona ($25 Dick’s)
Jason Murray: Texas Tech ($25 Dick’s)
Jim Ninde: Arkansas ($75 Root’s Burger Bar)
Brandt Pearson: Gonzaga ($25 Dick’s)
Jeff Ray: Houston ($75 Root’s Burger Bar)
Suzette Valentine: Iowa State ($25 Dick’s)
Rocky Van Note: St. Peter’s ($75 Root’s Burger Bar)
Chad Weitzell: Duke
Jade Yoder: UCLA ($25 Dick’s)

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MAX Madness
MAX Madness
MAX Madness
MAX Madness
MAX Madness