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Here is the link to my full interview with Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson!
MAX Rock Report for Thursday, ROCKtober 30, 2014:

*Elton John is impressed with our new Pope. During his "An Enduring Vision Benefit" in New York City Tuesday, John expressed his thoughts on Pope Francis, who recently expressed tolerance and compassion when it comes to gay marriage. "'Who am I to judge?' What are we waiting for? Make him a saint now. He did more with those five words than the last five popes," said Elton. "He is my hero." 

Elton’s annual benefit helps to raise money for his AIDS Foundation, and Elton sounded frustration that the AIDS epidemic isn’t over. "The main obstacle is not a virus, the main obstacle is people, people who continue to discriminate and marginalize people with HIV,” he said. “What I've learned from fighting AIDS for the past 22 years is the people who need the most compassion are the ones who receive the least."

*Metallica is helping Craig Ferguson go out with a bang. According to "Rolling Stone," the band has booked a weeklong residency on "The Late Late Show" starting on November 17th. Their appearance also marks the 10-year anniversary reissue of the Metallica documentary "Some Kind of Monster." 

"What better way to celebrate Craig's awesome tenure at CBS than to come and shake the rafters for a whole week," Lars Ulrich tells the magazine. "Nothing to sell, nothing to promote…purely hanging at Craig's personal request. Bring it!"

*Genesis'career-spanning documentary "Sum of the Parts" is finally getting an official release date.  The BBC film premiered earlier this month in the U.K. under the title "Together and Apart," and now it's set to be released on DVD and Blu-ray January 13th. 

The home release adds more than 30 minutes of previously unseen footage.  "Sum of the Parts" covers Genesis' career from their start in the late '60s through their comeback tour in 2007, while also highlighting each of the members' solo careers.  

Don’t forget, there’s at least one person unhappy with the result: ex-guitarist Steve Hackett. He recently took to Facebook to voice his displeasure with the doc's balance.  He recently called it a "biased account" that "totally ignores" his post-Genesis career.

*The mutual – platonic – musical affair between Heart and the Foo Fighters continues — and continues to yield amazeballs performances that fans of either act will adore. Remember that the Foos invited Heart to join them for a song during their week-long residency on CBS-TV’s “Late Show With David Letterman” – that bands tore up a rendition of Heart’s “Kick It Out.” Ann Wilson tells Rolling Stone, was as much fun for the band as it was for the audience. 

Fast forward and now the members of Heart have now returned the favor with a backstage rendition of the Foos’ “No Way Back” – and it was captured on video. “We wanted to give something back to them,” Wilson notes. “Just to say thank you. It’s the perfect HOOT song and worked well with the esoteric instruments we had around. It’s a classic ripper with good melodies, great lyrics and perfect for hair-flipping.” Basically, it's awesome. But those last three are our words - not Ann's.

*Tony Iommi has been back in the studio, and fans of "CSI" will get a chance to hear what he's been working on. 

The Black Sabbath guitarist says he contributed a piece of music to an upcoming episode of the CBS crime drama.  Apparently, they asked if he'd be interested in the project, so he had a look at the footage and came up with an idea the producers liked.  He says it was different working with both images and music, and he says it's something he'd "certainly be up for doing" again.  The "CSI" episode featuring Iommi's track is set to air November 9th on CBS.

As for other new music from Iommi, he says he's mostly been recording ideas rather than complete songs.  He says he likes to create moods with his music, and then decide how to use them later.




































































































































  *Deep Purple will release the 40th Anniversary Edition deluxe box set of their 1972 album classic, "Machine Head," on TODAY and a new trailer has gone online to promThe new box set features five discs and will be accompanied with fully illustrated 60 page hardback booklet, housed in a luxury box.


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