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MAX Rock Report-Tuesday, 10/6/15:

*Years after first talking about the idea, here's our first full look at Martin Scorsese and Mick Jaggers' "Vinyl." The show delves into the music scene of late Seventies New York City, something Jagger definitely has some experience with. 

Bobby Cannavale plays record exec Richie Finestra who sums up the clip and seemingly the show, best, "That's rock and roll," he says, "It's fast; it's dirty; it smashes you over the head." "Vinyl" premieres this January on HBO.

*We've told you all about Dead & Company's New York City gigs at Madison Square Garden, but for one of them, you won't even be able to buy tickets. Instead, you'll have to win them. The band is giving away 10,000 tickets to their November 7th show at the iconic venue.

If you want to enter the raffle, you have until Thursday to head over the Grateful Dead’s official site and toss your name in. If you aren’t lucky enough to win tickets to the joint project from the Dead and John Mayer, there will also be a livestream of the concert. Those attending the show or watching the livestream will not be required to pay money, but will be asked to donate to the Robin Hood Foundation.

"People who want to hear the music get to hear it for free," The Dead's Bob Weir said. "And we get to promote our music and share it with people." 

*Patti Smith is not only a rock icon, but she's well on her way to becoming a literary one, too.

Her book, "Just Kids," became a best seller and won its fair share of awards. She just realized the proper memoir, "M Train." But apparently, Smith also has a detective novel, a collection of poetry, and a YA (that's young adult for those who don't know) book in the works. 

“I’m always just working. I have tons and tons and tons of unpublished material,” Smith said at the panel she did for the New Yorker Festival. “I’m gonna be like Dorothy Parker when I die, people are going to go, Holy sh–, it’s totally indecipherable.”

*What's better than Lenny Kravtiz? How about Lenny Kravtiz and James Franco? In case you missed it, the two teamed up for an ad for "Guitar Hero Live" and poked fun at home flimsy the rocker's pants seem to be.

In the 15 second clip, Franco compliments Kravtiz' guitar skills, but reminds him to keep his pants on, referring to the guitarist's gig in Sweden when his pants split in mid show, giving us all a look at little Lenny.

"Guitar Hero Live" doesn't hit stores until October 20th but you can watch the clip on YouTube. 

*Bryan Adams is releasing a new album on October 30th. The record, titled “Get Up,” was produced by ELO’s Jeff Lynne, and is Adams’ first set of all-new material since 2008’s “11.”

"It was such a thrill. Working with Jeff brought out the best in me and in (songwriting partner) Jim (Vallance)," Adams tells “Billboard.” "Jim and I both have great respect for (Lynne) and admiration as a producer and a musician, and suddenly he's working on our songs and our demos? It was killer, man."

The first single from the record, “Don’t Even Try,” which was originally written for a TV pilot that never made it on the air, debuted online yesterday.























































































































































































































































































































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