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MAX Rock Report for Friday, August 29, 2014:

*Bruce Springsteen is taking the title character from one of his songs and putting him on the page.  The Boss has teamed up with writer and illustrator Frank Caruso on the children's book "Outlaw Pete."  Both the song and the book were inspired "Brave Cowboy Bill," a kids' book from 1950 that Springsteen's mom read to him when he was little. 

Caruso came up with the idea for their book.  He explains that Bruce "created a great character" in Outlaw Pete.  "When Bruce wrote 'Outlaw Pete' he didn't just write a great song, he created a great character," Caruso said in a statement. "The first time I heard the song this book played out in my head." 

Bruce describes "Outlaw Pete" as "the story of a man trying to outlive and outrun his sins."  The song "Outlaw Pete" is on Springsteen's 2009 album "Working on a Dream."  The book will be available November 4th.

*In recent times, AC/DC usually at least five years between albums, but as drummer Phil Rudd made clear during a recent interview, that doesn’t mean the band has slowed down in the studio.

Speaking with Australia's Triple M radio, Rudd described the sessions for the band’s upcoming album as something of a whirlwind — and vowed that it found the band at full strength even without co-founder Malcolm Young, absent from the lineup as he deals with health woes.

“It was done in 10 days, and I’ve never played better,” said Rudd, who referred to the new music as “stellar.” “I hope it’s as good as I remember when I came away from the studio. It’s pretty damn good.”

We’ve all seen the cover of Loverboy‘s 1981 album ‘Get Lucky.’ And many of us have had similar reactions to it over the years, ranging from “Hmm …”  to “What the hell?” But there’s more to that cover than just a red-leather-clad ass and crossed hairy fingers. There’s a backstory worth sinking into. And as CBC Music notes, that story is a “surprising and tragic” one.

For starters, that butt does not belong to Loverboy singer Mike Reno. It doesn’t belong to guitarist Paul Dean either. Turns out that it’s not Reno sporting those pants either. The album  lists the credit as “Bottom by: T.K.” But for years nobody has spoken up about the identity of T.K. … or even if T.K. was a real person.

CBC Music has finally gotten to the bottom of the mystery, revealing that the cover butt belongs to a 13-year-old girl. So, yes, you can now add “eww” to your list of reactions to this famous cover.

*Going to a farm to pick fresh fruit is a popular pastime for many families. However, if you’re doing it on Sting‘s Italian estate, it’s not only going to cost you a pretty penny, it appears you don’t even get to keep your bounty.

The Telegraph has discovered that, at Il Palagio, Sting’s 900-acre estate in the Tuscany region of Italy, people can pay £208 ($345) to spend a day picking grapes and olives with his staff. “Roll up your sleeves and join the grape or olive harvest in the field of dreams at Il Palagio,” Sting says in a statement. “Start the day with a picnic on the expansive lawn and a briefing from the estate manager to help you understand your work as a farmer-for-a-day: learn about the soil, the vines and trees, and techniques for harvesting.”

For their troubles, those who take him up on the offer are allowed to sample the wine made on premises, which includes a red called ‘Message in a Bottle,’ which is billed as a “complex aroma of cherries, wild blackberries and spices.”

*Some great songs take weeks — even months — to write, while others come in a quick burst on inspiration. For Ace Frehley, two cuts on his new album, ‘Space Invader,’ the latter was the case, as he explained in a video interview (embedded above).

“‘Past the Milky Way’ and ‘Space Invader’ were written in the last two weeks of mixing,” he told Loudwire. “They were just basically instrumental tracks, and while Warren Huart was mixing some of the other tracks, I went back to the hotel and just came up with the lyrics and melody. I came in, laid ‘em down and threw on a solo and it just happened really quickly.”

Frehley gives a lot of credit to Huart, whose use of vintage equipment helped Ace ” recapture some of the essence of my ’78 solo album.”



































































































  *Deep Purple will release the 40th Anniversary Edition deluxe box set of their 1972 album classic, "Machine Head," on TODAY and a new trailer has gone online to promThe new box set features five discs and will be accompanied with fully illustrated 60 page hardback booklet, housed in a luxury box.


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