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MAX Rock Report for Tuesday, July 22, 2014:

*Gene Simmons is making no apology for being rich. In fact, the Kiss bassist thinks he and the other "one-percenters" need to get more appreciation from the lower classes. 

Simmons explained to, "The one percent pays 80 percent of all taxes. 50 percent of the population of the US pays no taxes. The one percent provides all the jobs for everybody else. If the one percent didn't exist there would be chaos and the economy would drop dead." In typical Gene Simmons fashion, he added, "Try being nice to rich people. I don't remember the last poor person who gave me a job."

*Eric Clapton's upcoming LP "The Breeze" is a tribute to late southern guitar hero JJ Cale, and he's giving fans a taste."Cajun Moon" and "Call Me the Breeze" are currently streaming.

The rest of the album features guests like Mark Knopfler, Tom Petty, John Mayer, Willie Nelson, and Derek Trucks, but as Clapton himself explains to "Rolling Stone," "Cale's music is anything but elementary. When I started talking about this album with Dave Kaplan, who runs [Clapton's label] Surfdog, he had only heard the JJ songs that I covered. In Europe, we heard JJ as Americana, all the roots put together. JJ was very self-critical, dismissive about his gifts. He was happy to just be known as a songwriter. But when I tried to play like him – it's beyond most musicians."

*Before ZZ Top's tour began they've had to take a break. According to a press release, bassist Dusty Hill has to undergo surgery for kidney stones.

A routine exam lead to the discovery of the stones and now Hill will go under the knife sometime this week. He's expected to make a full recovery after two weeks of rest, so the first weeks of shows have been cancelled. Check out the list of dates here.

There's been no word on whether ZZ Top will make up these concerts at a later date.

*Jazz-funk drumming legend Dennis Chambers has been hospitalized. The man who toured with Steely Dan, Santana, and Parliament-Funkadelic is currently in intensive care with liver issues. Bootsy Collins, a bandmate of Chambers in Parliment-Funkadelic, confirmed the news on Facebook. 

Collins said via Facebook, “Dennis Chambers is in intensive care, and they’re working on getting him off the respirator. They are filtering his liver, as it’s not functioning well.”

*Bob Dylan is a cultural icon, and now he's going to make an appearance on TripAdvisor. According to "The Hollywood Reporter," The Hotel Dylan opened last month in Woodstock, New York, just a few miles from where he used to record.

Rooms in the hotel are named in tribute to musicians and things that are associated with Woodstock and the festival including "The Jimi," "The Roadies," "The Van," and "The Hippe Chick." Each room also comes with its own turntable and records.

There are plans for a bar and restaurant where owner Paul Covello tells the magazine he plans on hosting "intimate, unplugged concerts."


































































  *Deep Purple will release the 40th Anniversary Edition deluxe box set of their 1972 album classic, "Machine Head," on TODAY and a new trailer has gone online to promThe new box set features five discs and will be accompanied with fully illustrated 60 page hardback booklet, housed in a luxury box.


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