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De Blasio meets the Godfather; outsources NYPD to the Mob
Rome - Snubbed by The Holy Father, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had a private audience with The Godfather on the first day of his Italian vacation. The meeting paid off immediately, with the mob boss agreeing to take over the operation of the New Yo...
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Smack my bitch up as Queen's corgi tests positive for skag
London - One of Queen Elizardbirth's ghastly corgis has been caught shooting up heroin at a Kennel Club party. Royal Protection Racket sniffer dogs caught canine smack head Duchess Kate walking the dog in Rotten Row, London's top hangout for palac...
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Long-Lost Child About to Knock on Your Door
Your Home, USA - Sources have reported that the child you have abandoned years ago is on your front step right now and is gearing up to knock on your door. The child, who was conceived 13 years ago at a Red Roof Inn Motel out by the airport, has t...
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