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Pope Requests Vatican Cafeteria Add Pudding
Vatican City - Pope Francis, the current head of the Roman Catholic Church, has requested that pudding be added as a selection at the Vatican cafeteria. The Pontiff, in office since 13 March 2013, has a deserved reputation of humility, caring fo...
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Man Tries To Reunite Cat With Owner
A Florida man is desperately trying to reunite a cat he found on the busy US1 and SE 17th interchange in Fort Lauderdale with it's owner. Brian Chong, 37, has told friends, family and gathered reporters that he will not be thwarted in his attempts...
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Gordon Ramsay To Serve Penguin Burgers And Panda Pizzas At New Tybee Island Restaraunt
Gordon Ramsay, it seems, upsets somebody nearly every day of the week. This time the foul mouthed Scot from England has angered animal lovers by announcing several new menu items at his Michelin starred restaurants - some featuring penguin meat! C...
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