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Rolling Stone - Music News

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    • Giant Mexican crack named after Salma Hayek

      Mexico - A 3,000ft long, 26ft deep and 16ft wide trench that sprang up overnight between Hermosillo and the Coast has been dubbed Salma Hayek's Crack in honor of the famous Mexican actress. Locals say the fissure opened up after the earth moved l...

    • Mayo Clinic accused of using fudged data in fart survey!

      A press conference was held this morning in Rochester, Minnesota by a large group of the participants in the recent Mayo Clinic survey: The heartbreak of LYOF (Loving your own farts). The group is contending that the survey was not only flawed by the...

    • New DNA Evidence Reveals That the Virgin Mary Was Not a Virgin

      ROME--Biblical scholars have long been puzzled by a passage by a man named Baruch, in the apocryphal text of the same name, which reads, "Yeah. I hit on that. She was a nice piece of ass, though a bit of a holy roller for my taste." Although schol...


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