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Ryan Giggs Eyeing Teenage Talent
Temporary Manchester United manager Ryan Giggs is said to have his eye on a lot of teenage talent, according to reports from Manchester. Giggs is especially interested in 19 year old Kirsty Brown and 18 year old Kelly Goodwin, whom he met outside...
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Navy Projectile Flies 27 Times Speed of Sound
The U.S. Navy's latest innovation comes in the form of a 23-pound projectile that can fly at twenty-seven times the speed of sound. It is launched from what is called a "rail gun." That's fast enough to travel from New York City's Empire State Bu...
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Jimmy Fallon Revealed To Be In Mid-Fifties
Last night, Jimmy Fallon made a joke that totally bombed. He was booed, during his monologue, when Fallon talked about the possible gender of Chelsea Clinton's baby. "If it's a girl, it will get some of Chelsea's old hand-me-downs. And if it's a...
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