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Amish Riot - Midnight Screening of 1985 Thriller Sparks Unrest
A midnight screening of the 1985 American thriller film directed by Peter Weir and starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis; Witness, has ignited scenes of violence and rioting throughout the Amish community across the United States. The movie, w...
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Navy Projectile Flies 27 Times Speed of Sound
The U.S. Navy's latest innovation comes in the form of a 23-pound projectile that can fly at twenty-seven times the speed of sound. It is launched from what is called a "rail gun." That's fast enough to travel from New York City's Empire State Bu...
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Sour ass Putin slams 'CIA internet' after getting the boot from satirical site
Moscow, Russia - Still smarting after his IP address was blacklisted by satirical website NewsCorpse.Ru the Russian leader has vowed revenge on what he says is the CIA's biggest ever project since Edgar Hoover 'built that bloody dam'. According t...
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